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Weather gadgets

Gadgets in category: [ 21 ]
Day length
Undoubtedly, a useful widget for daily tracking of the length of the day, as well as the exact time of sunrise and sunset.
116,04 kb  |  Language:
Moon Phase 2 - gadget Phase of the Moon 2 for the desktop.Moon Phase 2 - gadget Phase of the Moon 2 for the desktop.
An update of the Moon Phase astronomical gadget with even wider capabilities and functions.
6 Mb  |  Language:
TWC Weather - Windows 7 weather gadget.TWC Weather - Windows 7 weather gadget.
Reliable weather gadget with forecasts for any city in the world. With it, you can be sure of the weather forecast.
83 Kb  |  Language:
Chameleon Weather - weather gadget for Windows 7.Chameleon Weather - weather gadget for Windows 7.
Neat and stylish weather gadget with a transparent design will decorate your desktop.
410 Kb  |  Language:
Clear Weather - weather gadget for Windows 7Clear Weather - weather gadget for Windows 7
Informative weather widget for Windows 7 with information about temperature, humidity and wind speed.
1,22 Mb  |  Language:
Weather widget for Windows 7 desktop.Weather widget for Windows 7 desktop.
A wonderful weather gadget for your desktop with the ability to change the color of the gadget. Accurate weather forecasts.
753,69 Kb  |  Language:
Weather forecast for Windows 7 desktop.Weather forecast for Windows 7 desktop.
Compact size weather widget for your desktop with a weather forecast for five days in advance.
1,82 Mb  |  Language:
Widget Yandex Weather.Widget Yandex Weather.
Weather widget for different cities on your Windows 7/8/10 desktop from Yandex.
1,62 Mb  |  Language:
Weather on the desktop - download gadget Rp5 Weather.Weather on the desktop - download gadget Rp5 Weather.
A small desktop gadget for windows OS with data on weather forecast, air pressure and wind speed in your city.
160,46 Kb  |  Language:
MSN Weather 2.0 - Gadget MSN weather on the desktop.MSN Weather 2.0 - Gadget MSN weather on the desktop.
A beautiful weather widget from MSN for all cities of the world on your Windows 7/8/10 desktop.
1,21 Mb  |  Language:

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