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Covid-19 monitor gadget for windowsCovid-19 monitor gadget for windows
The gadget shows real-time statistics on the number of cases of infection with COVID-19 in the world.
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NBU exchange rates - currency rate widget for Windows 7 desktop.NBU exchange rates - currency rate widget for Windows 7 desktop.
Currency informer with currency quotes of the National Bank of Ukraine for today for Windows 7/8/10.
42 Kb  |  Language:
Currency Feed - Exchange rates informerCurrency Feed - Exchange rates informer
Perhaps the simplest exchange rate informer in terms of design, but no less informative than others.
48 Kb  |  Language:
SWFX Index - currency pair quote widget.SWFX Index - currency pair quote widget.
A widget that displays the SWFX Consumer Sentiment Index of popular currency pairs. A useful gadget for financiers.
23 Kb  |  Language:
Market clock - exchange hours 24h for forex.Market clock - exchange hours 24h for forex.
Unique exchange hours for traders, with which you will not miss the opening of exchanges around the world.
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Currency Rates - Currency exchange gadget for Windows 7/8/10Currency Rates - Currency exchange gadget for Windows 7/8/10
Compact informer of exchange rates of the CBR with quotes of currency pairs RUB/USD and RUB/EUR.
14 Kb  |  Language:
Forismatic. Wisdom - a gadget with quotes of great people on your Windows 7 desktop.Forismatic. Wisdom - a gadget with quotes of great people on your Windows 7 desktop.
Instructive sayings and quotes of famous personalities are collected in one gadget especially for you!
364 Kb  |  Language:
Brent Oil Price - Gadget for Windows 7Brent Oil Price - Gadget for Windows 7
Gadget for Windows 7 that shows the current Brent oil price chart on the desktop.
616,9 Kb  |  Language:
Gerz Feeds - news gadget for windows.Gerz Feeds - news gadget for windows.
RSS news feed gadget with displaying images for news and adding your feeds to your windows desktop.
454,68 Kb  |  Language:
Gadget Horoscope on Windows 7/8/10 desktop.Gadget Horoscope on Windows 7/8/10 desktop.
Daily horoscope gadget on Windows desktop. Horoscope for all zodiac signs for everyday on your desktop.
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