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Calendar Gadgets

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Days Remaining

Calendar Gadgets

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Days Remaining - days counter until the specified date. If you do not want to miss an important date in the calendar, just specify it in the gadget settings. After specifying the desired date and name of the event, a note will appear on the desktop showing the number of days until the date. You can also track the number of days from the date of the event. The gadget interface is available in English and Russian and is set automatically depending on the language settings of Windows 7. In addition, in the gadget settings "Days Remaining" a number of additional settings are available: text color setting, compact mode and gadget update interval. There are five text color options to choose from. For example, if you specify December 31 in the settings, you will be able to see how many days are left until the New Year on your desktop.
Days Remaining - gadget Days left for the windows desktop.Days Remaining - gadget Days left for the windows desktop.

Days RemainingDays Remaining

Download gadget: days-remaining.rar

49 Kb   |   Language: multi   |   Windows 7/8/10   |   Freeware   |     7646

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