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System and PC

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CTcontrol 3.1

System and PC

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CTcontrol 3.1 - Gadget for quick and easy control of the Windows 7/8 operating system directly from the desktop. The widget is equipped with a large number of useful tools that each of the PC users uses, if not every day, then quite regularly. Quick access to all the necessary functions and system management tools, such as shutdown the PC, restart, sleep, hibernation and others right from your desktop. In the settings of the CTcontrol gadget, you can enable or disable entire blocks of widget buttons, as well as change the design of the gadget using the suggested backgrounds.

The main functions of the gadget:

1. Help or sound settings panel;
In the settings you can decide which icons will be displayed here.
2. Status bar;
If the alarm is activated, a red clock is displayed, if the timer is activated, a red bomb is displayed. For the shutdown timer (activated in settings) you will see different icons for different active actions.
3. Time Panel;
Displays the current time. The time format is set in the settings.
4. Countdown/Working time;
Counting up to a certain point in time. The countdown can be configured in the settings. The name can be set individually. Uptime - current system uptime after startup.
5. Chronometer | Timer | Alarm clock;
With the timer, you can choose a specific time to count down, ideal for cooking or baking. Using the timer and alarm: Click on the corresponding heading, select the value to change and enter your time, then click on the clock icon to start. The icon will be shown on the status bar. The default alarm mode is 24-hour! Press the Cancel button to disable the alarm or timer.
6. Control panel;
At the bottom there are three buttons: 1. Lock / unlock the slider, 2. On / off. shutdown timer, 3.Switch between the countdown to shutdown view and the control panel buttons. If the shutdown timer is enabled, the status bar will show an icon corresponding to the pending action.
You can hide the Countdown, Runtime, Chronograph, Alarm Clock, Timer and system control buttons sections in Settings.
Windows System Control Panel GadgetWindows System Control Panel Gadget

CTcontrol gadget on desktopCTcontrol gadget on desktop

CTcontrol 3.1 gadget for WindowsCTcontrol 3.1 gadget for Windows

Download gadget: ctcontrol3.1.rar

930,81 Kb   |   Language: multi   |   Windows 7/8/10   |   Freeware   |     6657

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