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System and PC

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Quick LaunchQuick Launch
A toolbar on the Windows desktop where you can easily add your shortcuts, files and bookmarks.
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Hibernate - hibernate button on desktop.Hibernate - hibernate button on desktop.
A simple gadget in the form of a button on the desktop, when pressed, the operating system will plunge into hibernation mode.
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Monitor Off GadgetMonitor Off Gadget
A tool to quickly turn off the monitor display as a gadget on the Windows 7 desktop. Hide the contents of the screen in one click.
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System Uptime Gadget - Windows desktop widget.System Uptime Gadget - Windows desktop widget.
A gadget with complete information about the Windows system and operating time without restarting.
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Disk Activity - windows 7 desktop gadget.Disk Activity - windows 7 desktop gadget.
A gadget designed to monitor the activity of hard drives in your Windows operating system. All disk information right on your desktop.
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CPU Utilization - CPU load widget.CPU Utilization - CPU load widget.
Widget for convenient monitoring of the load on the central processor with graphs for the processor cores.
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System Control - Windows 7/8/10 system management gadget.System Control - Windows 7/8/10 system management gadget.
A multifunctional tool in the form of a gadget for complete control of the Windows system.
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ClipCollector - desktop clipboard manager.ClipCollector - desktop clipboard manager.
A desktop widget that will save the contents of your clipboard and sort by tabs.
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Process Manager gadget to desktop.Process Manager gadget to desktop.
A gadget with a percentage scale of loading CPU and operating memory on your computer with a description of processes.
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FireBird CPU Meter.FireBird CPU Meter.
If you're looking for a stylish widget to keep track of your PC's CPU and RAM usage, then FireBird CPU Meter is what you've been looking for.
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Sensors, load indicators and other system indicators of the Windows system.

Clock gadgets, as well as various alarm clocks, stopwatches and timers on your desktop.

Weather gadgets with current temperature and multi-day forecast on your desktop.

Calendars, notepads, diaries for Windows desktop.

Gadgets for tracking traffic, Wi-Fi signal, IP, network status on the Windows 7/8/10 desktop.

Gadgets for watching online video, online radio broadcasts, streams and webcams on the Windows desktop.

Gadgets and messaging managers for email and social networks.

Read news and RSS feeds on your Windows desktop.

gadgets of search engines, sites and services for Windows.

Gadgets in the form of translators and dictionaries for translating from different languages.

Gadgets with mini-games on your OS desktop.

Sets of various gadgets made in the same style.

Gadgets with a variety of utilities and tools for Windows 7.